What would it look like to speak honestly about our humanity?

Maybe you have heard that there is nothing good about you or nothing good in you. That you, or others who are not part of Christianity, are incapable of good. Yet, you look around, in your life, or in the lives of others and you see goodness. You see people sacrificing their lives for the good of others, you see beauty and truth on display in art and culture, you see people fighting for injustice. How can these people be incapable of good?

This might cause us to lead to conclusions that Christianity must not be the only option to achieve goodness—and you would be right in this conclusion—because goodness exists outside the church and outside of Christian circles.

I saw a post a few weeks ago from a group of women theologians that was critiquing the enneagram. And the concluding line was, “you are a train wreck, look to Jesus.” Can I just say that I do not believe that this is the heart of Jesus or the gospel? Friends, we were created by a loving and good God, created to do good, and even in our messy, sinful world, we reflect the image we were created in. This means that our friends of different faiths, different beliefs, and different lifestyles also reflect his image and beauty. Anytime we see the goodness of God’s image reflected in another human, we should rejoice and be reminded of Jesus.

You are not a train wreck. You bear his image.

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