Doubt + Faith

Have ever been made to feel less than because of your doubts?

Maybe, like me, when you enter into religious circles or talks, you are anxiously waiting for the bomb to drop. Is this a safe space, I wonder…

Will my questions be looked at as threatening? Will they toss me out if I don’t conform? Will they use religious speech and babble in order to confuse me or trap me? Am I supposed to have it all together and never doubt?

These are some of the struggles that people like me bring to the table around religious talkers, Christians, preachers, and church settings. Maybe you have similar questions or thoughts.

Cynicism, skepticism, doubt AND faith can exist together. And Jesus is gently walking with us through all of them, in our struggle to believe, when we are skeptical of those who use the Bible to hurt us, when we have cynicism because of the unhealthy systems that have existed for decades.

Can I offer you a safe space to bring these questions? Can we journey together as we seek answers to these questions? What questions do you bring to Jesus, the Bible, and the Christian faith?

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